Sipsmith Gin – One of my Top 5 Gins

The “sip-smiths”, as the team behind Sipsmith gin call themselves, met over a common interest:  to bring back gin distilling to London.  They wanted to ensure that the gin they produced was befitting of such a momentous occasion, so Jared Brown, master distiller, returned to the history books in search of a quintessential London Dry Gin recipe.

As well as being a master distiller, Jared is an internationally recognised drinks historian who uncovered the date the word “cocktail” was recorded. (I had the pleasure and privilege of spending the day with Jared recently. It was a hugely enjoyable experience not least because he is so generous with his knowledge and a very funny man)

They chose a Carl still, the most widely used stills in the world (Four Pillars’ Wilma is a Carl still) and named her Prudence. (She has since been joined by Constance and Patience). There was a conscious effort to stick to traditional botanicals and distilling methods. They even began by using water from the source of the Thames, until they discovered the local water was just as good!

Featuring the most recognisable gin botanicals; juniper, coriander, orris root, orange and lemon peel, liquorice, angelica root, cassia bark and almond seed, the flavours are incredibly well well-balanced.

The fragrance of juniper and pine are the most noticeable aromas. On tasting, juniper and coriander are followed by fresh zest and finish with liquorice. It has a lovely mouth-feel and is pleasingly savoury.

The “Sipsmiths” have created an extremely versatile gin and it performs brilliantly in any gin cocktail. Sipsmith Gin is easily in my top 5 favorite gins, maybe even my top 3. (Don’t ask me the exact list…it changes!).

Country of Origin: UK

ABV: 41.6%

Price: Medium/High

If you are lucky enough to visit London, you can visit the Sipsmith Gin Distillery. More info here.

Please note I was kindly gifted this bottle of Sipsmith Gin. It has not affected this review in any way.


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