My favourite new Australian gins of 2015

The Australian distilling industry has been growing rapidly since I launched The Gin Queen two years ago, and this year we’ve seen a bumper crop of new gins and distilleries. Rumour has it there are around 50 more potential distillers (not all gin) currently applying for their licences, so there will be more!

It’s been a challenge to keep up with all the new brands, but I’ve done my best! What characteristics do my favourites share? A good balance of flavours, excellent mouth-feel and length (how long the flavour lasts) and they mix well in drinks. Everything a good gin should be!

So, in no particular order…

Here are my favourite new Australian Gins of 2015


Archie Rose Signature Dry Gin, Sydney

Archie Rose Master distiller, Joe Dinsmoor is one to watch. At only 23 he’s turning heads in the spirit industry, not least with his first gin, Archie Rose Signature Dry. The blend of traditional and native ingredients, the triple distillation method and six-times filtered water results in a truly excellent gin. You can read more here.


Strawberry Basil Gin Smash

Poor Toms, Sydney

Poor Toms Gin is a lighter, floral style of Australian gin. Distillers Griff and Jesse, have used strawberry gum leaf, freshly pressed granny smith apples and chamomile to create a fresh, crisp gin with a subtle sweetness. Read more here.



Poltergeist Gin, Tasmania

Taught by Bill Lark, Master Distiller, Damian Mackey has been distiller for a little under 10 years. He recently joined forces with Shene Estate (the site of a new distillery) and launched not one, but two gins, Poltergeist ‘Unfiltered’ and Poltergeist ‘True Spirit’. While I was sceptical about the need to launch two varieties (especially with the same ingredients and ABV), having spoken to Damian I can understand why. These two gins have distinct personalities and appeal to different gin-drinkers. Read more here.



Distillery Botanica, New South Wales

Philip Moore, of Distillery Botanica is one of the most experienced distillers in Australia and is the man behind Mr Black’s Coffee Liqueur. Distillery Botanica gin is made using a technique that perfumers use “enfleurage” to fully capture the fragrances of its floral ingredients. The result is a delicate floral gin while retaining those delicious juniper notes we gin-lovers enjoy. Read more here.



78 Degrees, South Australia

A 100% vapour infused gin (like Bombay Sapphire), 78 Degrees has taken some pretty intense botanicals (clove, star anise and peppercorn for example), but master distiller Sacha LaForgia, has skilfully created a gin with that carries the bold flavours well, without overpowering. Read more here.


Loch Gin, Victoria

You have to admire Craig’s dedication and patience grinding all the botanicals by hand in a pestle and mortar before distillation.The result is a superb quality gin in a London Dry style. On top of that the distillery is a cracker! You can read more here.

So, there we have it my favourite new Australian gins of 2015. What have been your stand out Australian gins for 2015? Agree, disagree? Let me know!


*note I have not been paid to feature these gins, I just love them!




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