The Melbourne Gin Company Dry Gin


It took a little time to track down The Melbourne Gin Company Dry Gin, as it’s a bit reclusive, frequenting only a select group of fine bars and retail outlets. I got mine from Blackhearts and Sparrows (new favourite bottle shop, stocking some great gins!).

The man behind the gin, Andrew Marks, comes from a wine making family and uses this approach in the making of this gin, distilling each botanical separately before blending.

As expected in a dry gin, juniper and coriander feature heavily. The other botanicals (macadamia, sandalwood, honey lemon myrtle, organic naval oranges, angelica root, orris root and cassia bark) are a mixture of native and exotic ingredients blended with pure, fresh, local Gembrook rainwater.

It’s crisp and fresh mixed with tonic and has a great warmth and depth in a martini with a very smooth finish.

Country of Origin: Australia

700ml/42% ABV

Price range – High

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