Dodd's Gin and Soda garnished with grapefruit and lavender

Dodd’s Gin

Dodd’s gin is named after Ralph Dodd, a London civil engineer, famous for his failure to attempt to build the first tunnel under the Thames. He tried to set up a The London Distillery Company in 1807, but got into trouble with the law for business irregularities, so the distillery never went ahead.  When Darren Rook launched The London Distillery Company in 2013 through an ambitious crowd-funding campaign, he decided to name the gin after Ralph.

There is so much to love about the way the LDC produces its gin. All of the botanicals are certified as organic, as well as the base spirit, the honey they use is collected from local producer The London Honey Company, they reclaim heat energy from the stills, AND their labels are printed on carbon neutral paper made by wind power. I happen to think their label is one of the prettiest by the way!

Dodd’s gin is made using fractional distillation – a process adopted by many distilleries, including Hendrick’s – that uses two distinct distillation processes to achieve the finished spirit.  The majority of the botanicals are distilled in the traditional way using a Carl still called ‘Christina’. The more delicate ingredients, such as the raspberry leaf are distilled using a cold vacuum system. The two distillates are blended for several weeks before bottling.

Dodd's Gin Still 'Christina'
Dodd’s Gin Still ‘Christina’

Dodd’s gin botanicals

The botanicals are a mix of traditional and unusual ~ Juniper, raspberry leaf, angelica, bay laurel leaf, lime peel, black cardamom and green cardamom, and London honey.

On the nose and palate there is lots of juniper. The two types of cardamom bring pleasing spicy notes and there is some herbaceousness from the bay laurel leaf. As the spirit lingers, bright citrus notes from the lime develop. It’s a mighty tasty gin with a beautiful mouthfeel from the angelica and honey. It’s a surprising 49.9% ABV, the smoothness of the spirit hiding the high proof well.

I didn’t think that Dodd’s gin would be a good match for tonic water so opted for soda water instead, garnishing with grapefruit zest and lavender. I was correct, the soda allowed the gin to shine and was wonderfully refreshing.

Dodd's Gin Blue Moon
Dodd’s Gin Blue Moon

I tried Dodd’s Gin in a Blue Moon and it balanced well. I think it would also make an excellent Bee’s Knees. In a martini I would serve it dry with a twist.

Dodd’s is a little on the pricey side, but a worthy addition to the gin fiend’s bar.

Country of Origin: UK

ABV: 49.9%

Price: High

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