Aviation Gin

Aviation Gin is distilled in Portland, Oregon, the microbrewery capital of the world. It’s said to be the first gin created from a partnership between a bartender and the distillers. (The bartender being internationally known Ryan Magarian).

I adore the retro style bottle, but worried it would be a case of style over substance. Fortunately this isn’t the case. The botanicals used in Aviation Gin are a combination of the traditional; juniper, cardamon, coriander, citrus, and Indian sarsaparilla, anise and lavender.

The aroma is piney with hints of orange. Flavour-wise it’s starts off with citrus, and floral notes leading onto to warm spiciness and finishing with juniper. It’s clean, and not over-powering, standing up well in a G&T as well as making a great cocktail. (I use it to make The Aviation Cocktail, pictured above).

Country of Origin: USA

ABV: 42%

Price: Medium



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