Yuzu Collins

I wasn’t familiar with yuzu until I began exploring Japanese Gins. A type of citrus, yuzu is common in Japanese cooking and is one of the key botanicals in Japanese gin. The flavour is part lime, part grapefruit and you know how much I love grapefruit and gin together!


The Collins is a classic cocktail from the ┬álate 1800s having been first recorded in Jerry Thomas’ Bartender’s Guide in 1874. A Tom Collins is usually made with gin and lemon juice , but I thought a yuzu collins made with Ki No Bi Japanese gin would work well. And I was right!

Ingredients for a Yuzu Collins

45ml gin (I used Ki No Bi)
30ml yuzu juice (found in Asian supermarkets)
15ml sugar syrup
60ml Soda

How to make a Yuzu Collins

Shake the gin, yuzu juice and sugar syrup together in an ice-filled shaker. Add ice to a high ball glass, strain contents of shaker into the glass and top up with soda water. Enjoy!


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