Clover Club Cocktail

The Clover Club cocktail is another pre-prohibition cocktail that is becoming a new favourite among current cocktail-drinkers. The name comes from the Philadelphia men’s club, where it originated, and was being enjoyed as early as 1910.

Gin, egg white, lemon juice and raspberry syrup (or Grenadine) are shaken together. The egg white acts as an emulsifier creating the foam on the top of the glass.¬†It’s another variation on the sour (gin, lemon juice and simple syrup) with raspberry syrup replacing¬†simple syrup.

The Clover Club cocktail took me a few attempts to get right, as achieving the proper foam can be tricky. I think I over-chilled the ingredients the first time and the egg white separated (bleurgh). A little more research and I used the most commonly suggested solution which is to “dry shake” (shake the ingredients together without ice) before adding ice and shaking to chill the drink.

The addition step required is worth it, I promise!

Ingredients for The Clover Club Cocktail

60ml Dry Gin (I used Tanqueray)

15ml freshly squeezed lemon juice

15ml Raspberry syrup (or Grenadine)

one egg white


Add all the ingredients to an empty cocktail shaker. Shake vigorously until you have created a foamy liquid. Add ice and continue shaking. Strain into a chilled glass.




  1. Yummy…looks beautiful, refreshing and divine! A fabulous Summer drink. Chantal, Seek Dare Love x

    1. Thanks Chantal!

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