4 different styles of Negroni for you to try

Negroni have made a big come back as a result of the gin renaissance. A contrast of bitter and sweet they are easily recreated by the home bartender.

Traditionally a Negroni is 30ml gin, 30ml sweet vermouth and 30ml campari, stirred together in an ice-filled jar and strained over an ice-block in a chilled rocks glass, then garnished with fresh orange peel. But, sometimes, it’s good to change things up a bit, so here are 4 different styles of Negroni for you to try!

Cup O’Camillo (Cold Drip Coffee Negroni)

A Gin Queen favourite, The Cup o’ Camillo is an Eau De Vie creation (and available pre-made from select stockists) the coffee flavour (use Little Drippa or Mr Black’s if you want an extra boozy version) adds an extra layer of bitterness without being too overpowering.


White Negroni

To make the White Negroni, replace Campari with either Suze or Cocchi Americano. I think it would look great served at a summer drinks party.


The Contessa

The Contessa is great for those who prefer sweeter drinks, might like The Contessa. Campari is replaced by Aperol to create a lighter, less bitter version.

Sloe Gin Negroni

The Sloe Gin Negroni uses half gin and half sloe gin (15ml of each), added to campari and sweet vermouth. The Sloe Gin Negroni is a fruity number that is very moreish!


Do have a favourite style of Negroni?



  1. I’ve only just discovered Aperol (I KNOW – where have i been?) and love the idea of substituting it for the Campari for a change. The sloe gin on sounds delicious too!

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