12 Gin and Tonic Garnishes You Must Try

It’s a question I’m often asked at my gin tasting events. “What’s the best garnish for a gin and tonic?”

After reeling off my favourite garnishes for a good 5 minutes, I realised that I needed to put together a post on this, so here are 12 Gin and Tonic garnishes you must try. The gins I’ve suggested are just some options, there are no hard and fast rules. Simply look at the botanicals used in making a particular gin and choose a garnish that you think will complement or enhance those ingredients.


Gin and Tonic with Pink Grapefruit garnish

Try with: Melbourne Gin Company Dry Gin, No.3 London Dry Gin, Tanqueray No. 10

Gin and Tonic with Rose and Cucumber

Try with: Hendrick’s Gin

Gin and Tonic with Orange garnish

Try with: Opihr Spiced Gin, Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin, Xoriguer Mahon Gin, Whitley Neill, Fords Gin

Gin and Tonic with Mint and Strawberry

Try with: Beefeater 24, Starward Mint and Strawberry Gin, Aviation Gin

Gin and Tonic with Lavender and Lemon garnish

Try with: Bulldog Gin, G’vine Floraison, Botanic Australis

Gin and Tonic with Lemon and Thyme garnish

Try with: Adnam’s First Rate Copper House gin, Ferdinand’s Saar Gin, Great Southern Dry Gin, The Botanist

Gin and Tonic with Jalapeño and Lime garnish

Try with : Opihr Spiced GinMcHenry & Sons Navy Strength, Stone Pine Gin

Gin and Tonic with Apple and Juniper Berry

Try with: Elephant Gin, William Chase Elegant Gin, 78 Degrees

Gin and Tonic with Strawberry and Basil garnish
Gin and Tonic with Strawberry and Basil

Try with: Martin Miller’s Gin, Gin Mare

Gin and Tonic with Lime and Ginger

Try with: Tanqueray Rangpur, McHenry & Sons Navy Strength, Opihr Spice Gin, G’vine Floraison Gin

Gin and Tonic with fresh Rosemary and Black Pepper

Try with: Gin Mare, Melbourne Gin Company, KIS Wild Gin

Gin and Tonic with Capsicum and Basil garnish

Try with: The West Winds Cutlass

I’d love to hear about your favourite garnishes!



  1. fresh grapes?!!!

    1. Knew I’d forget those!

  2. Blueberries are a must with Brockmans!

    1. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Nice article. The pink grapefruit in the first picture is actually red grapefruit though – slightly sweeter and more fragrant than pink.

    1. Thanks Paul!

  4. Try using ripe nectarine, perfect for summer

  5. My all time favourite: Hernö Gin, Elderflower tonic, fresh blueberries and basil!

    1. Sounds delicious!

  6. I reckon Poor Toms with Strawberry and Granny Smith apple is a tasty tasty combo.

  7. At The Buckeye Roadhouse its St George gin Bette Janes tonic Cilantro and and pinch of Pink Grapefruit .

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