Whitley Neill Gin

When Johnny Neill discovered old gin bottles under his grandmother’s stairs he uncovered his gin distilling heritage and became determined to follow in his ancestor’s footsteps.

Johnny is descended from the Greenhall Whitley family who have been distilling gin (and brewing beer) since 1762.

However, Whitley Neill Gin is no replication of an ancient family recipe. Instead Johnny has put his personal stamp on the gin by creating a dry gin with flavours of Africa as a nod to his wife’s connection with the continent.

He uses the fruit pulp of the Baobab tree (known as the Tree of Life) for the citrus elements as well as Cape Gooseberry. The other 6 botanicals are a closely guarded secret.

In spite of the African flavours it’s a relief to smell and taste the piney juniper. Lemon and citrus flavours come through next with a spicy, peppery finish. It has a very pleasant mouth-feel and is smooth enough to sip neat. Having tasted a few gins lately with exotic and unusual botanicals (and sadly lacking juniper) I was pleasantly surprised at how balanced this gin is.

The spicy notes mean Whitley Neill gin works well in a savoury, dirty martini.

Country of Origin: UK

ABV: 42%

Price: Medium



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