Twelfth Day of Gin-Mas

The Twelfth Day of Gin-Mas is here and what a group of gins to finish with. Which is your favourite?

Great Ocean Road ‘Guvvos’ Gin

Releases in 2018, Guvvos gin  is a modern take on a classic dry style – it’s citrus forward, with a hint of salt.

There are 24 botanicals, 9 of these local – coast daisy, ruby salt bush, coast salt bush, hop wattle, pigface, kelp, two indigenous eucalypts, and even local surfcoast honey produced in Torquay.

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Imbue Distillery Suburban Gin

Founders of Imbue Distillery, Mel and Mick Sheard share 30 years experience in Melbourne’s food industry from retail to wholesale, bakeries, catering & hatted restaurants.

Now they’ve turned their attention to gin, enjoying pushing the boundaries on flavour. Suburban gin is made using botanicals from the suburb where they live and includes blackberry, fennel, dandelion and prickly pear.

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Red Hen Gin

The three Vallelonga brothers and their best mate Luke, set up Red Hen Distilling in 2016 and won the Champion Small Batch Gin Award at the Australian Distilled Spirits Award within a month.

Native muntrie berries, local citrus and peppercorn give this gin a bright, vibrant flavour.

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Seppeltsfield Road Distillers Savoury Allsorts gin

This gin is distinctly savoury with upfront star anise characters fused with thyme, marjoram, borage, and gentian, giving wonderfully fresh, herbaceous flavours.

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Farmer’s Wife Autumn Dry gin

Kylie Sepos is the brains behind this gin. The distillery is based on the family farm in Ellsworth, New South Wales and Kylie has incorporated a mix of traditional and native botanicals, including anise myrtle, lemon myrtle and native sage to create her gin.

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McHenry Christmas gin

Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh encapsulated in gin. Could this be any more festive?

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Lawrenny Distilling Settler’s 1818 gin

Lawrenny  Settlers 1818 Gin embodied the strength and character of those who came to colonise the Lawrenny land area. Bold  juniper  comes  through  both  on  the  nose  and the  palate, as herbal notes  from the  property’s own rosemary intertwine with the freshness of caraway. All bolstered  by the warming  spice  of pimento  berry and cassia  bark.

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Ambleside Small Acre gin

This is Steve’s creation and is made with twelve botanicals, some from our own distillery garden (the small acre), make up this punchy gin. It’s quirky ingredients of rhubarb, bay leaf, apple and cloves give a savoury zing on the palette.

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Brogan’s Way Everyday Salvation gin

Brogan’s Way Everyday Salvation Gin is our Australian twist on the classic dry gin. Packed with botanicals it is juniper forward with the crispness of fresh organic white grapefruit peel balanced against Australian cinnamon myrtle and native pepper berries.

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Animus Davidsonia Gin

Davidsonia Gin is Animus Distillery’s riff on a traditional English sloe gin, with a distinctly Australian intensity and character.  Australian Davidsonia Pruriens, a tropical sour plum from the temperate regions of northern New South Wales and Queensland, is steeped slowly in their Macedon Dry Gin over many months. It has a distinctive palate of sour plum, raspberry and feijoa rounded out by with the juniper, citrus and classic spice.

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Dodd’s Gin

Dodd’s Gin is named after Ralph Dodd, who back in 1807 had planned to build a distillery in London for the creation of British spirits. Ralph’s dream sadly crumbled however, much like a number of bridges and tunnels he designed.

The gin itself is made exclusively with organic botanicals, including juniper, angelica, fresh lime peel, cardamom, red raspberry leaf, bay laurel, and honey from The London Honey Company.

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Tiny Bear Distillery ‘The Sailor’ gin

Called ‘the sailor’ as a nod to the British Royal Navy’s penchant for boozy gin, this is Tiny Bear’s Navy Strength gin, made with oranges and cardamom alongside juniper and coriander.

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