Three Bottled Negroni for you to try

We’ve come along way from the sweet cocktail mixes of the 80s (Margarita mix anyone?). Bartenders are creative and innovative, and continuously seek out new ways to excite customers and set their bars apart from the competition. The White Lyan set the trend, and only sells pre-made cocktails. Owner, Ryan Chetiyawardana  “wanted to create fabulously inventive cocktails that tasted exactly the same, every single time.”

Charles Joly, who won Diagio’s World Class Bartender of the Year  has recently helped launch Crafthouse Sprits. According the their website, Charles wanted “to create something that would be the closest thing you could get to having a craft cocktail specialist at your disposal.”

Why small batch, pre-made?

High volume cocktail bars work very hard to maintain consistency. Ingredients; juice, syrups, bitters, garnish are pre-prepped before service, so pre-making the cocktails entirely merely takes it one step further.

Customers want to drink decent drinks at home and the idea that they can take their favourite bars’ cocktails home is appealing.

Any disadvantages?

One of the things I like most about sitting at the bar, is watching the skill and talent involved in putting drinks together.  Watching someone open a bottle in front of you isn’t the same, regardless of the contents. Although sceptics like me, visiting The White Lyan, have been known to change their mind rapidly. As it’s on my bucket list of bars, I’m prepared to have my mind changed too!

Shelf-life could be a disadvantage (not a worry at GQHQ), particularly if the cocktails contain vermouth or citrus.

That said, I’m all about convenience and the ability to pour a pre-made cocktail straight from the fridge is a pleasing prospect. Weekends away, picnics, buying gifts are all times when this option could come in handy!

Here are three bottled Negronis you could try. I tasted these myself, as did Mr GQ and I also recruited my friend Ed, a fellow negroni-lover.

1. Bar Americano Negroni

Matthew Bax created the infamous (and missed) Der Raum and is the man behind Bar Americano, Bar Economico and Bar Exuberante. Now he’s moving into the bottled cocktail business with a bottled Negroni and a bottled Americano.


Tanqueray Gin, campari and a blend of three vermouths, including one infused in-house.


$64 for 500ml

ABV (Alcohol by volume)


What we thought

GQ: Gorgeously bitter, exactly how I like my negroni!

Ed: Fragrant and herbal. This is a pre-dinner negroni, very intense, certainly a large whack of bitterness to the palate

Where to buy

These products are so new, they are still setting up the online store! To order simply email :

2. The Negroni Project Barrel-Aged Negroni

The Negroni Project has a neat little story attached! In 2013 the staff at Brooks Restaurant  created a list of negroni, including 5 litre barrel aged versions, and donated a couple of bucks from each cocktail to their Movember account. They raised around $500.

The then Brooks duo of Shae Silvestro and Matt Brooke, talked about wanting to barrel-age on a larger scale and the Negroni Project was born. The ingredients were barrel-aged for 3 months in two 50 litre french oak barrels made from re-shaved wine barriques from Bendigo Coopers. 3 litres of fresh vermouth were added just prior to bottling. The team sold 100 litres of Negroni and raised $4,400 for Movember. The plans for 2015 are already underway to make The Negroni Project bigger and better!


Melbourne Gin Company gin , campari and Cinzano Rosso.


$80 for 750ml

ABV (Alcohol by volume)


What we thought

GQ: Very rich and full-bodied. More depth than a regular negroni, and a little sherry-like.

Ed: Rich, sweet and very complex, with notes of vanilla. An after dinner negroni.

Where to buy

Work on the Negroni Project 2015 starts soon. To keep up to date with all the latest news follow them on twitter.


3. Eau de Vie Cold Drip Negroni

Sven Almenning, owner of Eau De Vie and The Roosevelt, created the Experimental Spirits Company to produce bottled versions of the cocktails created at Eau De Vie. The Cold Drip Negroni has long been a favourite of mine at the bar and at home!


London Dry Gin, campari, a house blended vermouth and house-made cold-drip coffee.


$15 for 115ml

ABV (Alcohol by volume)


Where to buy

Order via The Experimental Spirits Co.

What we thought

GQ: Sweeter and lighter in flavour than the others, probably as it has a lower ABV.  A perfect foray into the world of Negroni for newbies.

Ed: Vanilla with muscat and caramel notes I originally thought this was barrel aged.

Have you tried any bottled cocktails? Any recommendations?


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