The Gimlet

The Gimlet is one of the classics. Containing only two ingredients; gin and lime cordial it’s simple and delicious.

In an age where fresh is considered best, it might seem odd to use pre-made cordial. If you really want to use fresh ingredients, use 50/50 lime juice and simple syrup instead.

Rose’s Lime Juice Cordial is often the preferred brand, but as I couldn’t get my hands on any at the time, I made do with Bickford’s Lime Cordial. (I’m going to taste test with Rose’s for comparison at a later date).

I know some of you will think “it’s too strong for me!” but the lime and gin complement each other perfectly to create a refreshing cocktail. It’s one of the most popular Gin Sours and is suited to sipping, not swigging.




60ml Gin (I used The Botanist)

15ml  Bickford’s lime cordial


Shake ingredients with ice and strain into a glass

Add lime peel to garnish


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