Support Movember with a Negroni

Long time readers will know about my love for Negroni, in all it’s forms. Bitter, sweet and utterly delicious, Negroni is the perfect sipping cocktail and having bottled versions available is both a blessing and a curse. It’s difficult to deny oneself when all you have to do is open one bottle. Yup, I am THAT lazy.

One of my great finds last year was The Negroni Project Barrel-Aged Negroni, made with Melbourne Gin Company gin. You and read more about bottled Negroni here.

A couple of weeks ago, Matt and Jesse, two of the Negroni Project team members, invited me to taste test the contents of this year’s barrels.


How could I refuse?

First we tasted to see how the mixture had developed, before deciding to add fresh vermouth to lift the drink prior to bottling. Very handy that Matt is one of the best sommeliers around!


I love the oaky notes that the barrel-aging process imparts. It’s not a bitter-sweet Negroni but rather more mellow making it an approachable option for those Campari haters.

The added bonus with buying a bottle of the The Negroni Project is all the profits go to Movember, the men’s health charity. Last year they raised over $4,500 and are hoping to top that this year.

Enjoy a delicious, ready-made Negroni AND support a good cause? Win/win.

How can you support Movember with a Negroni?

To find a stockist near you click here.

To donate to The Negroni Project November campaign click here.


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