Nolet’s Silver Dry Gin

The current gin boom sees ever crazier expressions of the spirit, with distillers appearing to be in a battle with each other to use the most unusual botanicals they can. I have tasted some disastrous gins (I’m not naming names) where the unusual has wrecked the sublime juniper spirit I enjoy. I know, I’m a purist. However, I am learning to appreciate the more contemporary gins, particularly if the quality is there. Aviation gin is a good example of a contemporary gin where juniper doesn’t dominate.

Nolet’s Silver Dry Gin is one of the more left-field gin brands and was created by the Nolet Distillery in Schiedam, Netherlands. The Nolet family has been distilling for over 300 years, and produce Ketel One vodka and Jenever/Genever.


The botanicals used in Nolet’s Silver Dry gin only have a whisper of the traditional ingredients (juniper, citrus, orris and liquorice) with white peach, turkish rose and raspberry added as essences. Rose and notes of turkish delight are detectable on the both the nose and the palate, as well as raspberries. Pine notes from the juniper came through towards the end with some pepper and earthy tones giving a surprisingly dry finish.

This is Hendrick’s bolder sister; fruity and floral, smooth and moreish.  Sipping neat over ice opens out the flavours and I would recommend using it in a Gin Rickey rather than in a G&T. It produced a rich, full negroni (I used Dolin vermouth and Campari) with a sweet rose finish. Interesting!

The dry martini is where Nolet’s Silver Dry gin comes into its own. The floral notes in the gin balanced well with the vermouth (Dolin Dry in a 5:1 ratio) and resulted in a soft (almost creamy) martini. If you aren’t confident drinking martinis this could be a good place to start! A Clover Club cocktail would also work well with this gin.


This is the most contemporary gin I’ve tasted so far and will definitely polarise opinion. The price is at the premium end of the market and is only available in Australia via Nicks Wine Merchants. I’m intrigued to try the companion gin, Nolet’s ‘The Reserve’ Dry Gin (gold label) but at over $600 a bottle I think I might be waiting a while!

Country of Origin: Holland

ABV: 47.6%

Price: High


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