Meet Geoff Fewell : The Lui Bar, Melbourne

The Lui Bar @Vue de Monde is one of the bars to visit when you come to Melbourne. The service, the drinks, and the view! Sublime. Head Bartender, Geoff Fewell, kindly agreed to be interviewed.

How long have you been mixing cocktails? 12 years

What’s your favourite gin and why? I have always a big fan of Martin Millers Westbourne strength. I love overproof gin, and the citrus/pepper profile of Miller’s is just what I like.

What gin cocktail are you asked for most? It varies a lot. Martini’s are very popular at Lui, that said we make a lot of Clover Clubs, Corpse Revivers and Last Words….and of course the Negroni is a constant favourite.

Your favourite gin cocktail and why?  I love a 50-50 Martin Miller’s Westbourne Strength Martini with orange bitters and twist, however I am partial to a Last Word with West Winds Cutlass.

A customer has never tried gin before, what gin-based drink would you recommend? A Tom Collins is a great introduction, as is a Bramble.

Best thing about your job? Being able to make people happy with a drink and a chat. Getting to work with a passionate team here at Vue, chefs and Front of House staff that are groundbreaking in their approach to flavour and service. I am lucky to have the infrastructure and knowledge behind me here at Lui.

Off-duty, what’s your favourite place to drink? I love Bar Americano, the drinks are great, The Black Pearl is an industry favourite. I spend a bit of time at my local, The Great Northern Hotel, they have a cracking bar list.

If you could work at any other bar, which one would it be? The American Bar at The Savoy, London. The bar there has such a great history of creating cocktails and great bartenders. It would be an honour to be added to the list of bartenders that have stood behind that bar.



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