McHenry Classic Dry Gin

Allegedly, Tasmania has more distilleries than Ireland, and since Sullivan’s Cove won the prestigious title of Best Single Malt Whisky in the world, it is certainly on the whisky map. How about the gin map?

McHenry’s & Son Distillery is the most southerly distillery in the world, and while it produces whisky, it also makes some very good gin.

McHenry Class Dry Gin has eschewed native ingredients and is distilled with botanicals more in keeping with an original London dry style – citrus peel, juniper, coriander and cardamom seeds which are blended with a small amount of star anise.

The citrus isn’t overpowering as an odour or a flavour, enough to remind you this is a dry style. The gin has an incredible smooth mouth feel and there is an earthy liquorice flavour at the finish which is delicious. It’s a clean, smooth, elegant gin which has been very well executed. It makes a superb gin and tonic, and would make a great additional to your home bar due to its versatility.

McHenry & Son aren’t just producing Dry Gin either. They also produce a Sloe gin using sloes that come from bushes introduced to Tasmania over 150 years ago by the European settlers. William McHenry, the distiller, kindly supplied the image below to prove that he harvests them himself. The 2014 batch of Sloe Gin should be available soon.

William McHenry

Country of Origin: Tasmania

ABV: 40%

Price: Low



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