Junipero Gin

Junìpero Gin has been on my wish list for a while. With a name like that I had high hopes, and I wasn’t disappointed.

One of the original American distilled gins, Junìpero Gin is produced by Anchor Distillery in San Francisco. Anchor Distillery was established in 1993 as part of Anchor Brewery which has been in action since 1871. The brewery was saved from closure in 1965 by Fritz Maytag who began the American Craft Beer revival. Ever the pioneer, he opened the distillery intending to make rye whiskey, at a time when there were no pot-still whiskies being made in the US (legally that is!)

After realising how fun distilling was, Maytag turned his attention to gin and in 1996 Junìpero became San Francisco’s first craft gin. The recipe and botanical content is a closely guarded secret, but I’m happy to report that the usual suspects~ juniper, coriander, and citrus are clearly present.


At 49.3% ABV it’s a bold gin, big on juniper (obviously). A large kiss of pine on the mouth with a hint of zest leading to some earthy flavours and a nice warm, spicy finish.

I’m adding this one to my top 10!

The higher alcohol content lends itself well in a G&T, but I also made up a Martinez with Maidenii vermouth and it worked well with the sweetness of the vermouth and the maraschino liqueur.


With a higher ABV, there naturally comes a higher price point, but as with most things of excellent quality, it’s worth it!

Country of Origin: USA

ABV: 49.3%

Price: High.

Stockist: Nicks Wine Merchants


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