Jack Sotti ~ Eau de Vie Melbourne

Jack Sotti was the superb host on the night we visited Eau De Vie for our anniversary. Jack impressed us with his knowledge and drink making skills. Since doing this interview, Jack came 3rd place in the Bols Around the World Competition.

Name: Jack Sotti

Where do you work?

Eau de Vie

How long have you been mixing cocktails?

7 years now

Who/what inspires you?

The guys and girls in the local Melbourne industry. Everyone is pushing one another and there is a great sense of community that runs deep.

What’s your favourite gin and why?

Tough one. There are always some New Western style gins I get really excited about, St. George’s Terroir being one of them, very earthy, with a massive piney juniper hit but for a good old favourite constant got to be Tanqueray 10. So juicy and floral.

What gin cocktail are you asked for most?

We sell a crazy number of classic martinis. People see liquid nitrogen and just have to have one.

Your favourite gin cocktail and why?

I love a nice savoury martini with a high proof gin, at the moment it’s West Winds Cutlass, dry sherry and pickled onions, the perfect aperitif! But also a sucker for the Hanky Panky:  Gin, Fernet Branca and sweet vermouth, three of my favourite ingredients.

A customer has never tried gin before, what gin-based drink would you recommend?

I love surprising people with a classic such as the Clover Club: Tanqueray 10, lemon, raspberry syrup, egg white(optional) shaken hard and served up. It’s fruity, floral and delicate and has such great balance.

Best thing about your job?

I love tasting and tinkering all the time, then the reward of seeing people enjoying themselves with the social lubricant you’ve served.

Off-duty, what’s your favourite place to drink?

Tough one. For a great drink with the whole package: service, location, etc, I love Lui Bar it’s just beautiful. But when you need a great drink at 2:30am with banter from the staff it’s always Lily Black’s.

If you could work at any other bar, which one would it be?

In Melbourne, I’d love to get back behind the bar at Lily’s. Or play with Lui Bar’s rotary evaporator!


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