Ironbark Distillery Dry Gins

Ironbark Distillery Gins

Ironbark Distillery Gins launched in 2015 after 2 years of painstaking research and plenty of paperwork according the Master Distiller, Reg Papps. Last week they were awarded Silver Medals at the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Reg knows a thing or two about distilling, having done the job within the petrochemical industry for 27 years. When I asked him if he is the longest-serving distiller in Australia, he laughed and replied that Bill Lark (from Lark Distillery) might have a few months on him!

Ironbark Dry Gins are both distilled using the vapour infusion method on a 100 litre stainless steel still with copper internals, ensuring the purest spirit possible.

Ironbark Distillery Gin still
Ironbark Distillery Gin still

Ironbark Distillery Dry Gin

Reg wanted, in his words, “to keep it simple” and has chosen only 5 classic botanical ingredients: juniper, coriander, fresh lemon zest, cardamon and vanilla. On the nose dry gin there is bright citrus notes and piney juniper. Initially, It’s smooth and fresh on the palate following on with some warmth and a spicy lift from the coriander. A smooth mouthfeel and great balance of flavours makes this a perfect G&T gin.

Ironbark Distillery Dry Wattleseed Gin

After creating the Dry gin, Reg wanted to create a version using native botanicals. Reg says “Plenty of gins were using lemon myrtle and pepperberry but none were using the famous Aussie emblem – wattleseed, so I thought I’d give it a go.” Ironbark Distillery Dry Wattleseed gin is made using the existing 5 botanicals from the Dry gin, plus wattleseed.

wattleseed gin
Wattleseed. ( Photograph: Mark Lucas @theguardian)

Wattleseed comes from the Acacia tree and is a very versatile bush food used as a thickening agent. By roasting the seeds they impart a coffee-like aroma and can be used as a beverage or an additional ingredients in desserts or chocolate.

Ironbark Wattleseed gin Gibson Martini
Ironbark Wattleseed gin Gibson Martini

Naturally I expected a gin with a hint of coffee, but fortunately this wasn’t the case! Wattleseed gives the gin an earthier flavour that mellows out the citrus notes of Ironbark Dry Gin on the nose and the palate. The flavour is very well-balanced and lingers well.

The Ironbark Distillery Wattleseed Gn is better with soda and lime, rather than tonic water, in my opinion. In a Gibson martini it created the perfect balance of savoury notes and in a ‘Little Ripper’  Negroni (with Red Økar and Maidenii Sweet Vermouth) it was deliciously different.

The 'Little Ripper' Negroni. Maidenii Sweet Vermouth, Ironbark Wattleseed Dry Gin and Applewood Distillery Red Økar
The ‘Little Ripper’ Negroni. Maidenii Sweet Vermouth, Ironbark Wattleseed Dry Gin and Applewood Distillery Red Økar

Country of Origin: Australia

ABV: Both 40%

Price: Medium

Ironbark Distillery, North Richmond, New South Wales. Visits to the distillery are by appointment only.

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