Garden Tiger Gin

Garden Tiger gin from Carpreoulus Distillery (named after the Roe Deer) won the hugely prestigious ‘Whisky Exchange Spirit of the Year 2017’.

Distiller, Barney Wilczek, started out as a photographer covering conservation stories and this fascination with the natural world lead to a journey into distilling. Garden Tiger gin was not the spirit he made. Instead, Barney’s initially focussed on making Eaux de Vie (fruit brandies that are created through fermentation and distillation).

Unlike many of the gins that come to market at the moment with the botanical recipe is kept a secret, although Barney admits to using organic blood oranges and mullein, a flowering plant that has been used as a herbal remedy for years.


Barney uses several processes in creating Garden Tiger gin. The hard spices, berries and herbs are macerated in neutral grain spirit for 40 hours, while fresh blood orange zest, flowers and leaves are vapour infused. In total 34 ingredients are combined during a slow 7 hour distillation. Barney insists on avoiding chill filtering which can remove some of the flavours produced.

Tasting Garden Tiger Gin

The aroma of fresh oranges is apparent almost immediately with subtle hints of cardamom and juniper. Bright, fresh orange flavours filled my mouth, lengthening into a delicious peppery warmth. At the end there is a touch of bitterness you’d find in orange peel and a little sherbet-like fizz. Garden Tiger gin is a full-bodied gin, delicious neat over ice or in a cocktail.

Drinking Garden Tiger GIn

I only had lime to hand when it came to garnishing my Garden Tiger G&T, but think a slice of orange would work better.

garden tiger gin bottle and negroni

As you’d expect with a gin using blood oranges as a botanical, Garden Tiger gin makes an excellent Negroni. The full flavours in Garden Tiger gin would add a delicious richness in a Martinez.

The attention to detail, from the hand fed letter-press labels, the embellished cork to the distinctive bottle are signs of the quality you can expect from the liquid within.

Country of Origin: UK


Price: High

Available from Nicks Wine Merchants


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