Four Pillars Gin

Four Pillars Gin first caught my attention on twitter where it was attracting attention for it’s Pozible campaign. As usual the FOMO (fear of missing out) was high, so of course I signed up to the campaign immediately.

Distilled in small batches in the Yarra Valley the Four Pillars refer to the still (named Wilma after one of the founders late mother), water, botanicals (more about those later) and Love ~ commitment to craft and attention to detail every step of the way.

(Apparently there is a second story around the name Four Pillars, but I’m working on finding out what it is.)

On my visit to the distillery, I was invited to taste the gin neat. There aren’t many gins that cope with that scrutiny, but it was beautifully smooth and surveying the botanicals in front of me, I attempted to see if I could pick them out. I need to work on my palate, but was pleased that I tasted the hints of pepper, citrus and lavender.


The launch at The Gin Palace, Melbourne was a unique tasting session before the release of the first batch.

I diligently tasted a martini, a G&T (featuring new tonic on the block Quina Fina)and a negroni (made with Australian vermouth Maidenii). (The negroni was possibly the best I have ever tasted.). Four Pillars worked well across the board and I was taken aback by its versatility.

I was thrilled to receive my bottle from the first batch this week. Here it is with fever tree tonic and a strip of lime zest. Gorgeous!


Country of Origin: Australia

700ml/41.8% ABV

Price range – High



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