Four Pillars Gin ~ Distillery Visit

Craft gins produced in small batches are increasing in number, and Australia is getting in on the act.

When I first heard that a new gin was being distilled on my doorstep, in the Yarra Valley, I was really excited.

The guys behind the new gin, are rightly proud of their project, which has been 3 years in the making.

The fact that this project was crowd funded on Pozible gives you an insight into what they are hoping to achieve. A Four Pillars community. And with that in mind they welcome visitors to the distillery to meet their still “Wilma” (named after distiller, Cam’s late mum).

“Wilma” is an absolute beauty. And so clean!


Cam talked me through the process of producing the gin, including how they selected the botanicals. The surprise ingredient for many is the use of fresh oranges, as opposed to dry. The result is a smooth drinking gin with hints of citrus, lavender and spice.


There aren’t many gins you can sip neat, but this is definitely one of them.

Cam’s passion was infectious and I stayed much longer than I intended, so keen was I to hear of future plans for “Wilma”, including a Barrel-aged gin and the experimentation of using the discarded oranges from the distilling to create marmalade and bitters.

For more information on Four Pillars Distillery Visits click here.



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