Elephant Gin

Drinking gin to help protect elephants? The people behind Elephant Gin set out to do just that, combining their love of gin with their desire to save these endangered animals.

It sounds wonderful in theory, but at first glance at the gin botanicals used to make Elephant Gin, I was a little surprised to see there was no mention of coriander, orris root or angelica. Instead ingredients sourced from Africa like Devil’s Claw (a herb related to sesame seeds), Lion’s Tail (plant related to the mint family) the Baobab (also used in Whitley Neill gin), Buchu plant with a flavour similar to blackcurrant, and African wormwood have been used. Other botanicals are more familiar  – pimento, orange peel, mountain pine, juniper and ginger.  Also included into the mix are fresh apples.

On paper it didn’t sound much like gin, but happily I was to be proved wrong!

On the nose, there are fragrant pine and herb notes with light apple aromas. I swear I smelt panetonne – an assortment vanilla and candied fruit smells! The apple flavour is noticeable on first tasting, but think crisp granny smith rather than sweet reds. I was expecting a sweet, floral gin, but the herbaceous notes become bolder before earthy, spice notes lead to a lengthy finish. This gin is very smooth on the palate. Remarkably so given it is 45% ABV.

An unusual gin that begs to be sipped neat, Elephant makes a delicious G&T with a slice of apple and some juniper or a bold Negroni.

Each batch is named after past greatest tuskers or elephants the charity is trying to protect.

Too often we see gins available full of wacky ingredients that are used at the expense of making a decent gin. Elephant Gin is a masterclass in taking the unusual and making them work! Not only that but 15% of their profits go to Big Life Foundation and Space for Elephants Foundation. Two charities focussed on protecting elephants and their habitats.

Country of Origin: Germany

ABV: 45%

Price: Medium

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