Eau De Vie Melbourne

Eau De Vie Melbourne is described as a prohibition-style speak-easy and the lack of signage as to its whereabouts certainly add to its mystique.

We almost gave up until a door opened, a glamorous looking couple exited and the sounds of happy people wafted on to the alleyway.

As we stepped into the dimly lit, jazz-filled, bar, abuzz with lively conversation, I immediately felt this was somewhere special.

We’d booked a booth (of which there is one large and two small) as it was our anniversary. There is also a main bar area with masses of seating as well as a long table towards the back for large parties to dine (and where their cocktail degustations take place).

Naturally, I’d already enquired as to the gins available and wasn’t disappointed (24 and counting), but there is also a separate whisky room if that is more your thing, plus you can buy a bottle of your favourite tipple and keep it on the premises in your own special cabinet to which you are given your own key. Fancy!

I started with a (slightly) dirty martini. One of the most dazzling serving experiences ever. Chilled to perfection with liquid nitrogen (dry ice) before me, it was accompanied by olives resting on a glass of ice.

Spectacular to look at (my photo certainly doesn’t do it justice) and superb to drink.

As I looked around the bar I could see lots of more smoke and flames as various cocktails were served. The sense of theatre was fabulous.

(Mr GQ sampled a Martin Miller’s Gin & Tonic before working his way through some of the craft beers. Verdict: Excellent.)

Next up I sampled a Scurvy Sailor. Weeks on, and the memory of that cocktail has stayed with me, so much so I devoted this post to it.


Citrussy, ginny, and salty is the only way to describe the Scurvy Sailor. A bit like a gin margarita? Truly scrumptious.

We had a beautiful night. The service and the food (oysters, a cheese board, some antipasti and a shared dessert) was excellent and for a special occasion not too extravagant. Cocktails are priced between $14-22.

Eau De Vie, 1 Malthouse Lane, Melbourne. Follow them on Facebook or twitter.

Note: This was a personally funded visit to Eau de Vie to celebrate our anniversary. I was not paid for this review.



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