Earl Grey Tea Infused Gin

I am an Earl Grey tea devotee. I think it must be the bergamot, but I can’t get enough and go through pots of it when I working on the website. This Earl Grey tea infused gin is a perfect combination of my two loves (I have recipes for raspberry and rhubarb infusions too).

For best results use loose leaf Earl grey tea (I used T2) and a decent London dry style gin.

Earl Grey tea infused gin
Earl Grey tea infused gin

How to Make Earl Grey Tea Infused Gin


500ml gin (I used Beefeater)

4 tbsp of loose leaf earl grey tea (I used T2 French Earl Grey)


Pour the gin into a jar and then stir in the loose leaf tea. Leave for 3-4 hours. I left this for just under 4 and was probably at the strong, flavour end of the spectrum.

Strain the earl grey tea infused gin into a bottle and discard the leaves.

So now you’ve made the gin, how best to serve it?

These are two of my favourite ways to use my Earl grey tea infused gin. A refreshing Collins style cocktail which as a Pimms flavour to it, and in Audrey Saunders Early Grey Martini.

Earl Grey Tea Infused Gin Collins

40ml Early Grey Tea Infused Gin

20ml simple syrup

20ml freshly squeezed lemon juice (strained)

Fever-tree Soda water

Dried rose petals to garnish (optional)


Add gin, simple syrup, freshly squeezed lemon juice to a glass and stir together. Add 3 large chunks of ice. Pour over soda water and sprinkle with rose petal garnish. Enjoy!



Earl Grey Gin Martini

Earl Grey Gin Martini


You can find the recipe for the Earl Grey gin martini here.

Have you got any favourite gin infusions?


    1. Thanks for the link, looking forward to giving it a try!

    1. You must! And don’t be fooled by the raspberry jam, the lemon juice balances it out nicely so it’s not too sweet!

  1. Just got back from Rome and had the most amazing cocktail there. A tea mule. Tea gin, bitters, lime, ginger beer and fresh ginger is I think the recipe but it was gorgeous.

    1. Nice twist on a Gin Gin Mule!

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