Earl Grey Gin Martini

The Earl Grey Gin Martini is another great drink by my gin cocktail idol, Audrey Saunders of the Pegu Club, New York.

It’s been a while since I infused gin with Earl Grey Tea, but it’s a great addition to the gin cupboard (yes, I have a cupboard…and a fridge…and..ok you get the idea). It’s great with lemonade, creating a Pimms-like drink, but I was keen to try it as a martini.

Ingredients for the Earl Grey Gin Martini

For glass: caster sugar and lemon wedge

45ml Earl Grey Tea Gin

30ml Simple Syrup

20ml lemon juice

1 egg white

grated lemon zest and twist to garnish


Rub the rim of the glass with lemon and dip in sugar. Put glass in fridge or freezer to chill.

Dry shake (shake without ice) the rest of the ingredients in the cocktail shaker for a few seconds then shake again with ice.

Strain into the chilled cocktail glass and garnish with the lemon zest and twist


Earl Grey Gin Martini


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