Cold Drip Coffee Negroni

The Cold Drip Coffee negroni first came to my attention at Eau De Vie Melbourne’s launch of  their Cocktail book: Shaken & Stirred, Flamed & Thrown a few years ago. Their Cup O’Camillo (Cold Drip Coffee Negroni) was one of the cocktails served, made with house-made sweet vermouth and cold drip coffee.

Cold drip coffee is made by slowly dripping cold, filtered water through lightly roasted ground coffee for a period of ten hours. The result is a fuller flavoured coffee  without the acidic oils typically found in coffee extracted at higher temperatures. They are readily available in supermarkets and are usually found in the fresh smoothie/juice section.

If you want to make your coffee Negroni with a bit more oomph, you could always use Mr Black Coffee Liqueur!

Ingredients for a Cold Drip Coffee Negroni

25 ml Four Pillars Rare Gin

25 ml sweet vermouth

25 ml Campari

20 ml cold drip coffee


Stir all ingredients together in a glass mixing glass and pour into a rocks glass. Add a large piece of ice and garnish with orange peel or a coffee bean or two. Enjoy!

If you like this, you might like to try the frozen version here.

Frozen Cold Drip Coffee Negroni
Frozen Cold Drip Coffee Negroni

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