Charlie Chaplin Cocktail

I’m constantly looking for different cocktails that use sloe gin. The one that is mentioned often to me by bartenders is the Charlie Chaplin cocktail.


Yes, you guessed correctly, the cocktail was named after  Charlie Chaplin, the silent movie star at the height of his fame when this drink was created.

It is a boozy one and would appeal to those of you who favour slightly sweet cocktails. Mixing sloe gin and apricot brandy liqueur might sound like an odd concoction, but the lime juice cuts through the sweetness nicely.

As I prefer my drinks on the drier, bitter side,  I opted for a drier sloe gin and used McHenry’s

Ingredients for a Charlie Chaplin cocktail

20ml Sloe Gin

20ml Apricot Brandy Liqueur

20ml freshly squeezed lime juice


Shake all ingredients together with ice. Fine strain into a glass. Garnish with a piece of fresh apricot, or dried if not in season.



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