Chanticleer cocktail

The Chanticleer Cocktail

The Chanticleer Cocktail is a pre-WW2 cocktail that I came across in my newly acquired 1935 reprint Waldorf-Astoria bar book. It was made to celebrate the opening night of Edmond Rostand’s Chanticler (which wasn’t liked as much as the cocktail).

The original recipe uses orange gin (1929-1988) which was popular at one time, as was lemon gin (1931-1988). These are rare gins indeed and you can expect to pay over $400-$500 for a bottle! (Check out The Rare Spirits Company).

orange and lemon gin
Vintage orange and lemon gin

Sadly, my budget doesn’t quite stretch to an original, but fortunately, I have a bottle of the wonderful Stone Pine Distillery Orange Blossom gin to hand. This super-limited edition gin has long since sold-out, but I am hoping distiller Ian Glen puts on his foraging gloves again in Spring, so you can all have a taste.

Ingredients for The Chanticleer Cocktail

45ml Stone Pine Orange Blossom Gin

45ml dry vermouth

egg white (optional)

(original recipe suggested a Cock’s comb as a garnish, I’ve opted not to pluck a cockerel and am using orange peel instead.)

If you don’t have any orange gin, you could either be extremely patient and make up an infusion, or reduce the gin by 15ml and replace with 15ml of triple sec or even Cointreau)




Dry shake (without ice) all the ingredients together until thoroughly mixed. Add ice and shake again until cold.

Strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish.




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