The Gin Queen is 5!

Woo weeee, I can’t believe it! The Gin Queen is 5! I started this little space to share my love of gin and to offer up ideas on how to drink it, other than in a G&T.

When I began this venture back in 2013, the gin wave was building and there were only around 6 Australian gins available, including West Winds, Stone Pine Distillery, Distillery Botanica and Mount Uncle. Now look!

I could not have foreseen the amazing experiences this little website has brought me.

From meeting gin-lovers from all over Australia, to spending time with talented and supportive distillers, hosting dinners, tours, masterclasses, gin and cheese tastings emcee’ing award ceremonies and judging them too! I am super-proud of the success that is Junipalooza Melbourne and am grateful that I get to work with the Gin Foundry team on this incredible event.

Meeting Desmond Payne, Master Distiller, Beefeater Gin
With Leslie Gracie, Master Distiller of Hendrick’s gin


Junipalooza 2017


Another fantastic event with some of my favourite Australian distillers!

It’s been quite a ride and one I intend to keep driving as we see the Australian distilling industry thrive!

I want to thank every single one of you who has read, shared, and commented on my posts here, and on social media, or sent me a question, or come to one of my events.

YOU are the reason I’m celebrating 5 years!

To that end, and as a fitting way to round off the 12 Days of Gin-Mas, I’m offering up one last giveaway for ONE lucky reader.

The prize contains:

Stone Pine Distillery Decade Gin.

Ian set up Stone Pine Distillery 10 years ago! Ian has created this special gin as a memento of his incredible achievement as a stalwart of the Australian Distilling industry.

As with Ian’s other gins this is a juniper forward, classic dry style gin with traditional botanicals blended with natives, it features juniper, lemon myrtle, saltbush, orris, coriander, angelica, licorice, finger lime, black pepper and ironbark.

Melbourne Gin Company’s Single Shot gin.

Possibly the most anticipated gin the year. Since launching Melbourne Gin Company in 2013, we’ve waited with bated breath to see if Andrew Marks would release another gin.  Not one to rush the process – he’s a perfectionist, after all – Andrew settled on this Single Shot gin with a completely new recipe.  Even before officially launching this month, Single Shot was already awarded a prestigious Double Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Awards.

Brogan’s Way Royal Blood Navy Strength gin

Brogan’s Way Distillery opened a couple of month’s ago and I am really impressed with distiller Brogan Carr’s work. She’s one of the few distillers in Australia to have completed the prestigious Heriot-Watt University MSc. in Brewing and Distilling, and making the three different Brogan’s Way gins was part of her thesis.

Royal Blood has a bit of a kick – well at 57.2% ABV, what would you expect?  Herbal aromas and flavours from the rosemary and bay leaf are seasoned with Australian sea parsley, saltbush and roasted wattle seed giving plenty of good mouthfeel.

Farmer’s Wife gin

Kylie Sepos is the brains behind this gin. The distillery is based on the family farm in Ellsworth, New South Wales and Kylie has incorporated a mix of traditional and native botanicals, including anise myrtle, lemon myrtle and native sage to create her gin.

Aviation gin (Ryan Reynolds not included)

Aviation gin was the first gin in the what was once called ‘New World’ category. We now refer to this style of gins as ‘contemporary’. It’s made with juniper,cardamom, coriander, French lavender, anise seed, sarsaparilla, juniper, and two kinds of orange peel.

What sets it apart is (in the distiller’s words) a democratic use of botanicals, meaning that juniper is not dominant and that a more even weight is given to each one.

Demeter Gin & Tonic Cologne

Demeter Fragrance Library Gin & Tonic Cologne Spray 30ml

Tatty Devine Gilbert and George Gin Necklace

Tatty Devine Gilbert and George Gin Necklace

Love and Victory pins

One each of the fabulous Love and Victory cocktail pins!




Open to Australian, UK and NZ residents only.

Winner will be selected by me by Friday 14th December

Only one entry per person – and yes I do check!

Over 18s only.