Broken Heart Gin

The history and stories around gin fascinate me. Whether it’s how the distillers came to make gin or how they came to choose the ingredients, anecdotes add something to the drinking experience for me.

But none have touched me as much as the story behind Broken Heart Gin.

Joerg and Bernd, two Germans, living in the Southern Alps in New Zealand were great friends sharing a love for gin and a passion for distilling. They decided to work together to create a new gin. Sadly before they could complete the project, Bernd became gravely ill and died. Bereft, Joerg and Bernd’s widow, Annie, almost abandoned the idea, but after some time decided that they should continue in Bernd’s memory. The broken hearts they were carrying for Bernd, became the name of the gin.

Broken Heart Gin is a traditional London Dry style with 11 botanicals that include; juniper, coriander, lemon peel, lavender, cinnamon and angelica. These botanicals are steeped in a base spirit of wheat and molasses before being re-distilled.

On tasting, there is a welcome hit of juniper on the nose and palate, with coriander and citrus also coming through, ending with a hint of liquorice. It’s a fresh, clean gin and very well-balanced. Broken Heart Gin recommend serving with a slice of orange, but it stood up well in my Monday Negroni!

broken-heart-gin-negroni Country of Origin: New Zealand

ABV: 40%

Price: Medium


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