Botanic Australis Gin

Botanic Australis Gin


Botanic Australis gin is one of the Aussiest (is that a word?) gins around. It’s craft-distilled in North Queensland at the Mt. Uncle Distillery by master distiller Mark Watkins.

Mark used a very old recipe as his starting point before swapping out the ingredients for locally foraged native botanicals – 14 in fact – that are cold macerated with juniper before the infused alcohol is distilled in his Holstein still, named Helga.


The botanicals:

Juniper, lilly pilly, bunya nut, eucalyptus gum, strawberry gum leaf, lemon myrtle, wattleseed, rivermint, lemon scented gum, anise myrtle, pepper berry, finger lime, native ginger and cinnamon myrtle.

It is a very complex gin. On the nose there are bright fresh citrus notes with hint of mint. On the palate it begins with a hint of juniper before herbaceous notes and grass, mint and citrus flavours come to the fore. A warm, lengthy finish with ginger and pepper notes.

Botanic Australis Gin

I find Botanic Australis works better with soda water and lime rather than tonic. It makes a wonderful savoury martini (particularly a Gibson) and a is delightful in a Lawn mower cocktail.


Country of Origin: Australia

700ml/40% ABV

Price range – Medium

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