5 of the Best Gin Cocktails in Melbourne

I like to think that one of the reasons Melbourne continues to be the most liveable city in the world is largely due to the thriving bar culture, with many bars (Eau de Vie and Black Pearl) winning global recognition for their drink innovation, service and style.

To save you time the next time you head out I’ve picked 5 of the best gin cocktails for you to try.

Gin & Tonic Old Fashioned

Gin Palace Old Fashioned

Where: Gin Palace, 10 Russell Place, Melbourne.

What: Settlers Oak Aged gin stirred down with Sinkonah tonic syrup and a Honey Joy on the side, what’s not to love?

Aviator Cocktail

Eau de Vie Aviation

Where: Eau de Vie, 1 Malthouse Lane, Melbourne.

What: So pretty! Eau de Vie’s riff on an Aviation cocktail is made with Beefeater gin, freshly squeezed lemon juice, rhubarb and juniper puree and maraschino liqueur and garnished with a fluffy cloud and a paper plane! This has to be one of the most photogenic cocktails ever!

Lola Colada

unionelectricgincocktail2 (1)

Where: Union Electric, 13 Heffernan Lane, Melbourne.

What: Star of Bombay, Curacao, ginger syrup, lemon juice and Coco Lopez cream of coconut are shaken and served over cracked ice and garnished wiht fresh flowers, orange peel and cracked black pepper. Sweet, creamy and punchy, you won’t be able to stop at one!

Copa de Vida

Blackpearlginpic (1)

Where: Black Pearl, 304 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne.

What: Gin, yuzu, agave, kiwi, lime and truffle tincture are all shaken together and garnished with Vietnamese mint leaves. Utterly refreshing.

Rosemary Gimlet

Where: Bad Frankie, 141 Greeves Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne.

What: Kangaroo Island Spirits O Gin is shaken with fresh lime juice and sugar syrup and garnished withe a fresh sprig of rosemary. Heavenly!

Where are your favourite cocktail in Melbourne?


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