Beach House

Beach House

Health food trends often spill over into the cocktail world. Matcha, beetroot, and cocktail oil (think Dave Kerr’s winning entry into the Bacardi Legacy competition, The Viento) are some trendy ingredients that have found their way into cocktails,  I’ve even tried using Kombucha!

The Beach House cocktail is taken from Dan Jones book Gin: Muddle, Shake, Stir. He mixes gin with coconut water (another hyped up food trend) and lime juice to create a tropical gin cocktail that’s a worthy substitute for a gin and tonic. Tempted as I was to add an umbrella, I used one of my new bamboo straws instead!

Beach House

Ingredients for a Beach House

60ml gin

15ml freshly squeezed lime juice

chilled coconut water

lime slice to garnish

Beach House


Add the gin and lime juice to a highball glass and add crushed ice. Top up with chilled coconut water and stir. Add a slice of lime and serve.

Coconut water has plenty of claims that it has weight loss benefits, improves skin condition and offers superior hydration to plain old water, but most of this has been debunked. I still enjoy a glass as I like the taste and I figure it has to be healthier than cordial or fizzy drinks. Right?


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