carolinechilderleyI was first introduced to gin by the original and best Gin Queen, B, my mother-in-law.

A G&T was often placed into my hand as I stepped over the threshold. Gordon’s and tonic (invariably just shown the glass), ice and a slice of lime. We’d sit, sip and put the world to rights.

My tastes have broadened with the advent of the new age of gin. New botanicals, new brands, craft gins and revival gins are now available and for a Gin Queen like me, it’s heaven.

This website has grown out of my love for the juniper juice and the desire to share the gin love with everyone.






  1. Caroline,

    I recently discovered “The Gin Queen” and wish to congratulate you on a great website. As a fellow Gin lover I am interested in all Gin from around the world. It has been a real pleasure to follow the growth of the juniper spirit and particularly from within Australia (and New Zealand) – now there is a local aficionado too. I look forward to reading your posts with interest.

    Kind Regards, David Schofield.

    1. Thanks David!

  2. Hello, my name is Alison Smith and I’ve been running The Cocktail Queen for the last 4 (almost 5) years, we go to people’s homes and events around Scotland and supply them with a cocktail party, cocktails, games and fun.
    I love all things gin, and everything else to be honest!

    Nice to meet you

    Alison and team
    (queen and princesses)

    1. Hi Alison

      Thanks for stopping by, lovely to meet you too!

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