East London Liquor Company Premium Batch No.2

East London Liquor Company Premium Batch No.2

I’m about to head off to the UK for some more ginanagins in the lead up to Junipalooza. Finalising my itinerary I’m reminiscing about my visit two years ago when one of the (many) distilleries I visited was East London Liquor Company, the first vodka, gin and whisky distillery in that part of London for 100 years.

Part of founder Alex Wolpert and distiller Tom Hill’s  mission was to create a gin that was accessible in terms of price without compromising on flavour. They achieved this with their first expression that I reviewed here.

East London Liquor Company Dry Gin and Tonic
East London Liquor Company Dry Gin and Tonic

Like most distillers, it wasn’t long before Tom was itching to create another gin. Distillers are wont to do that. In spite of producing something spectacular, the love of playing (sorry distilling) with all sorts of ingredients is part of the magic of gin production. The possibilities are endless.

East London Liquor Company Premium Gin

Not content with producing one, Tom ended up producing two and I was thrilled to learn that East London Liquor Company Premium Batch No. 2 is now available in Australia.

East London Liquor Company Premium Batch No.2 Botanicals

Looking at the list of botanicals used in Batch No. 2 my mind immediately leapt to an image of a traditional english herb garden. Juniper, coriander seed, orris root, angelica, and lemon peel are all familiar ingredients in gin. However, the addition of winter savoury, fennel seeds, sage, bay leaf and lavender adds a herbaceous dimension to this complex gin.

Tasting East London Liquor Company Premium Batch No.2

On the nose the herbs come through, particularly the thyme and fennel. To taste, initially there are bright citrus notes that develop into delicious, almost chewy herbal flavours with sage and bay leaf most evident. There is a subtle hint of lavender before a lengthy finish rounded our with white pepper. The bold flavours are supported by a 47% ABV but this is still a smooth, sippable gin.

Drinking East London Liquor Company Premium Batch No.2

Garnished with thyme and lemon, Batch No. 2 makes a solid gin and tonic. As a lover of savoury gins (think West Winds Cutlass and Gin Mare) this gin stands out as a perfect martini gin. Try it wetter (with more vermouth) to encourage those herbaceous notes to come to the fore. I was also inspired to try it in Ryan Magarian’s The Lady Sage Cocktail.


Country of Origin: UK

ABV: 47%

Price: Medium

For information about Australian stockist contact Savant Spirits.

Manly Spirits Gin

Manly Spirits Gin

Manly Spirits gin comes, unsurprisingly, from Manly Beach in New South Wales. Owners David and Vanessa, first floated the idea of opening their own distillery in 2015 during a visit to Tasmania. David has a background in chemical engineering and Vanessa’s is in marketing and design (more on that later), so a pretty useful combination!

Two years later they welcomed Tim Stones (former Global Brand Ambassador for Beefeater Gin) as Head Distiller and Production Manager and launched their Pozible campaign. During his time at Beefeater, Tim learnt from Desmond Payne, (the longest-serving distiller in the world) and Sean Harrison, Master Distiller at Plymouth Gin as well as studying for his General Certificate in Distilling and completing hands-on training with the teams both in London and Scotland.

Manly Spirits gin still
Manly Spirits gin Holstein still

David and Vanessa are Manly locals with a deep connection to the area, in particular to the sea (both are keen swimmers, divers and surf lifesavers). The team approached established forager Elijah Holland (who worked with renowned chef René Redzepi at the Noma pop-up in Sydney last year) to assist in selecting botanicals for the gin.

Elijah recommended sea lettuce (Ulva lactuca) which clings to rocks and can be readily harvested at low tide (it’s the only seaweed that can be harvested freely, everything else has to be foraged under license).

Manly Spirits Gin
Sea Lettuce (image courtesy of Kirsten Bradley @milkwood.net)

Manly Spirits Gin Botanicals

Aside from the sea lettuce, Manly Spirits Gin contains; juniper, angelica root, coriander seed, orris root, orange peel, cardamom, finger lime, aniseed myrtle, and mountain pepper leaf. Tim says he found working with Australian botanicals challenging, but “inspiring”.

Tasting Notes

On the nose Manly Spirits gin has bright citrus notes, delicate pine aromas juniper and the merest hint of ozone. Tasting it, the citrus comes through as well as fresh pine. It has a savoury characteristic, not quite umami but getting there, and rounds out with a white peppery finish. Well balanced, delicious flavours and a good length, Manly Spirits Gin is a quality spirit that will serve you well in a variety of drinks.

Manly Spirits Gin
Manly Spirits gin martini. Made with Dolin vermouth and served with a twist of lemon.

How wonderful does this martini look? You’ll be pleased to know that it tasted just as good. A cracker in my opinion. Bright citrus flavours and aromas are drawn out by the vermouth and  a good peppery finish.

Aside from being a delightful gin, I must mention the attention to detail that has gone into the packaging of Manly Spirits Gin. In an increasingly crowded gin market, standing out from the other brands on the shelf is as important as making a tasty liquid. Vanessa’s design skills are apparent in the custom-made bottle. The fibonacci sequence pattern  gave her inspiration for the textured base and represents balance and perfection in nature, the blue glass is a nod to her connection to the sea and the eye-catching lid features the Eastern blue devil fish, the Manly Spirits emblem. 

Manly Spirits Gin
The lid of the Manly Spirits gin bottle.

Manly Spirits Gin

ABV: 42%

Price Medium

Follow Manly Spirits Distillery on Facebook, instagram and twitter.

You can also visit their cellar door.

Kilderkin Distillery

The opening of Kilderkin Distillery in Ballarat restores the historical connection the town has with distilling. Warrenheip Distillery was based nearby from 1864. By 1894 it was the only distillery making whisky in Victoria. It continued to do so until just after World War One when production moved to the Corio Distillery in Geelong.

I recently visited Kilderkin distillery where I met the owners Chris Pratt and Scott Wilson-Browne as well as Scott’s partner Vanessa.

Chris, a psychologist by trade, and Scott, renowned craft brewer and the man behind  Red Duck Brewery, met over their shared love of beer. Chris confided in me that he had a project to drink a different craft beer every day of the year, and he and Scott kept bumping in to each other over the years at different beer events.  With Chris hailing from Scotland, the chat soon turned to making whisky and eventually, gin.

Why Kilderkin Distillery?


A kilderkin is a cask, usually 16 or 18 gallons. Chris and Scott thought the name suited their background in beer and their plans to make whisky.

The Stills

The stills were made by Peter Bailley at Knapp Lewer in Tasmania. It was to Peter that Bill Lark first went when he wanted to open his distillery 25 years ago, requesting that they look as close to Macallan stills as possible. Knapp Lewer stills can also be found at Archie RoseShene Estate & Distillery and Stone Pine Distillery. Chris and Scott’s assisted with the design and included the option for the botanical basket to be removed, allowing greater flexibility.

The gins

Kilderkin Distillery

Like a lot distilleries, Kilderkin have started out making gin. There are two Kilderkin distillery gins, ‘The Larrikin’ and ‘The Scoundrel’.

‘The Larrikin’ is a contemporary Australian gin made with native botanicals, including lemon myrtle. I find that lemon myrtle can often overwhelm gins (less is definitely more), but ‘The Larrikin’ is tasty and well-balanced. ‘The Scoundrel’ is a more traditional London dry style and a delicious one at that. There is also an aged gin that has been rested for three months in American oak bourbon barrels. They hope to have their whisky ready by 2019.

Kilderkin Distillery, 11A Michaels Drive, Alfredton Ballarat, VIC 3350.

Cellar Door open 10am-4pm Monday – Friday and 12-5pm on Saturdays.

You can follow them on Facebook.


Beach House

Beach House

Health food trends often spill over into the cocktail world. Matcha, beetroot, and cocktail oil (think Dave Kerr’s winning entry into the Bacardi Legacy competition, The Viento) are some trendy ingredients that have found their way into cocktails,  I’ve even tried using Kombucha!

The Beach House cocktail is taken from Dan Jones book Gin: Muddle, Shake, Stir. He mixes gin with coconut water (another hyped up food trend) and lime juice to create a tropical gin cocktail that’s a worthy substitute for a gin and tonic. Tempted as I was to add an umbrella, I used one of my new bamboo straws instead!

Beach House

Ingredients for a Beach House

60ml gin

15ml freshly squeezed lime juice

chilled coconut water

lime slice to garnish

Beach House


Add the gin and lime juice to a highball glass and add crushed ice. Top up with chilled coconut water and stir. Add a slice of lime and serve.

Coconut water has plenty of claims that it has weight loss benefits, improves skin condition and offers superior hydration to plain old water, but most of this has been debunked. I still enjoy a glass as I like the taste and I figure it has to be healthier than cordial or fizzy drinks. Right?

Australian Gins win big in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2017

Australian gin distillers have once again performed well against stiff global competition at the 2017 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. I am so proud of our Australian gin distilling industry and the recognition they are receiving on the international stage.

2017 Entries

The number of gins entered into the competition increased to 268 entries in 2017  from 197 in 2016 (not including flavoured or aged gins).

This year Australian gins won 2 Double Golds (up from 1 in 2016), 4 Golds (down from 7 in 2016), 11 Silver (same as 2016) and 8 Bronze (up 1 from 2016). That means a total of 26 medals (the same overall result as in 2016).

The state with the most medals was Victoria (7), followed by South Australia and New South Wales (6 each), Tasmania and Western Australia (3 ) and Queensland with one medal.

This is an amazing achievement for our fledgling industry. I can’t wait to see what they do in 2018.

Here are the results:

DOUBLE GOLD MEDAL 2017 (Outstanding; earning top marks from all judges.)


Shene Estate Poltergeist Unfiltered (TAS)


The West Winds Broadside (WA)

23rd Street Distillery Gin (SA)

GOLD MEDAL 2017 (an excellent product, meeting very high standards)

Melbourne Gin Company Dry gin (VIC)


Poor Toms Strawberry Basil Gin Smash

Poor Toms Gin (NSW)


Brookie's gin

Brookie’s gin (NSW)


Distillery Botanica Rather Royal Gin (NSW)


SILVER MEDAL 2016 (A finely crafted spirit, well above average.)

Applewood gin (SA)

Poltergeist True Spirit (TAS)

Archie Rose Signature Dry gin (NSW)

Four Pillars Navy Strength gin (VIC)

Bass & Flinders Monsoon gin (VIC)

Dobson’s gin (NSW)

Manly Spirits gin (NSW)

KIS O gin (SA)

Splendid gin (TAS)

Hippocampus gin (WA)

KIS Old Tom gin (SA)

Bronze (A well-crafted spirit that deserves recognition.)

The West Winds Captains Cut (WA)

Prohibition gin(SA)

Begin (VIC)

Bass & Flinders Soft & Smooth gin (VIC)

Botanic Australis gin (QLD)

Four Pillars Modern Australian gin (VIC)

KIS Wild gin (SA)

Patient Wolf gin(VIC)

What is the San Francisco World Spirits Competition?

Launched in 2000, the San Francisco World Spirits Competition is considered the most respected and influential spirits competition in the world, with a rigorous judging process involving highly controlled blind-tastings with an expert panel who only receive information on spirit type, ABV and age (where applicable) to remove bias.

Hendrick's Gin ~ The Awakening 4

Win tickets to Hendrick’s Gin ~ The Awakening

Hendrick’s gin has always been an advocate of the peculiar and unusual and their latest pop-up “The Awakening”, promises to pique your curiosity.

Hendrick's Gin ~ The Awakening Banner

Described as a “theatrical cocktail experience”, The Awakening takes you on a journey through a series of scenarios and encounters brought to life by the Siren Theatre Company. At each stage you will receive a different Hendricks’ serve; a classic, a seasonal and an experimental.

This pop-up is only running for one weekend over the 2nd-4th June at the Commune in Sydney. Tickets are $30 per person and include 3 Hendrick’s cocktails and access to the Hendrick’s cocktail bar at the conclusion of your experience.

Hendrick's Gin ~ The Awakening 2

Win tickets to Hendrick’s Gin ~ The Awakening

I have ONE PAIR of tickets to give away to a lucky winner for Friday 2nd June at 7pm.



Hendricks The Awakening runs from 2nd-4th June 2017 at COMMUNE, 901 Bourke Street
Waterloo, Sydney 2017.

Tickets are available from Eventbrite.

Red Hen Gin

Red Hen Gin

Red Hen Gin is made at the first urban distillery in Adelaide. Created by four school friends, Luke Page and brothers Michael, Anthony and Daniel Vallelonga, the gin is named after the train that they used to catch to school together.

Red Hen Gin
Red Hen train

The boys grew up in the gateway to the Barossa and they are all passionate about South Australian produce. The Vallelonga brothers have made their own wine with their Nonno (grandfather) from grapes they grew themselves, and together with Luke have also brewed beer as a fun side project. Since they began distilling they’ve uncovered some family connections with the booze industry in Australia. Both grandfathers were Publicans in Gawler, where they grew up, and Luke’s Great Aunt was the first woman to hold a Publican’s License in Australia.

It took the Red Hen team two and a half years to perfect their recipe while they battled through the council regulations and licensing requirements (a common theme that crops up regularly when chatting to distillers!). The time was obviously well spent with Red Hen Gin immediately winning a gold medal in the Contemporary Gin category at the 2017 Australian Distilled Spirit Awards, and it was also crowned Champion Small Batch Spirit in Australia!

Red Hen Gin


Made from grape based spirit from the heart of the Barossa valley, Red Hen gin is 100% vapor-infused in a 100-litre still. There are 15 botanicals, including juniper, coriander, orris root, licorice root and cassia bark. Although the team wanted to created a London dry style gin they have used some native ingredients like Muntrie berries which are indigenous to the South Australian coast and give off a sweet crab apple flavour. The inclusion of fresh celery leaf offers a herbaceous peppery note.

Red Hen Gin
Muntrie berries

Tasting Red Hen Gin

On the nose there are lime zest and sherbet aromas with fresh pine coming through from the juniper. Flavour-wise there is no mistaking Red Hen gin is citrus forward. There is a good juniper flavour and a subtle hint of apple. The finish is lengthy with a pleasant hit of white pepper cutting through the citrus.

Drinking Red Hen Gin

A good gin will work in a variety of drinks. Red Hen gin is excellent in a gin and tonic and I highly recommend it in a dry martini with Maidenii dry vermouth.

Red Hen Gin
Red Hen Martini

The team is planning to create a Navy Strength Gin next as well as a secret spiced rum. They are also collaborating with a local brewery to create the first locally distilled whisky.

You can follow Red Hen gin on Facebook and instagram.

Australian Gin Tasting

Australian Gin Tasting ~ London

I am thrilled to announce that I will be hosting an Australian Gin tasting event at celebrated gin venue The Oliver Conquest on Wednesday 7th June 2017.

Australian Gin Tasting London
The Oliver Conquest boasts over 300 gins

The Oliver Conquest was firmly on my list of destinations when I last visited London two years ago, just look at its incredible selection!

I’m excited to be heading back to the UK to visit some distillers, taste some new (to me) gins and giving Olivier and Emile from Gin Foundry a hand at Junipalooza London.

Promoting the growing gin industry in Australia is a passion of mine, so naturally I wanted to fly the Aussie flag while on my travels.

Event information

During our two hours together, you’ll learn about the gin boom Down Under, the unique botanicals used in our gins, and taste these beauties:

Brookie’s gin from Cape Byron Distillery in Byron Bay New South Wales

Green Ant gin from Adelaide Hills Distillery in South Australia

Botanic Australis gin, Queensland

Artemis gin, Melbourne

Melbourne gin Company gin, Melbourne

Manly Spirits gin, Manly, New South Wales

Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz gin, Victoria


Tickets are 20GDP and include all tastings and nibbles. Can’t wait to see you there!

(over 18s only)

Gin Gifts for Mum

Do you have a gin-loving Mumma?Are you organised for Mother’s Day yet? I’ve put together some top gin gifts for mum. And yes, some are COMPLETELY OVER THE TOP, but hey this woman gave birth to you!



Gin Gifts for Mum

No one knows cocktails like Simon Difford and in this compendium of quirky happenings, anniversaries, birthdays and traditional events he has paired each one with an appropriate cocktail. You can celebrate everything from Mandela’s inauguration to aliens’ alleged arrival from outer space.

$22.90 from Booktopia*


Gin Gifts for Mum

Some of the best cocktails are the simplest (think of a Negroni). Kara Newman has collected 50 equal parts drinks in her book Shake, Stir, Sip.

$18.75 from Booktopia*


Martini necklace


Gin Gifts for Mum

It’s 12 o’clock somewhere in the world – so celebrates Aliita’s playful Martini necklace. Made from 9ct gold, it has a small emerald “olive” for glittering finish. Stunning!

$390 from mytheresa.com

Gin Gifts for Mum

Functional AND stylish, Cynthia Rowley’s flask bracelet holds approximately 90ml of booze. Also available in gold.

$225 (USD) from Cynthia Rowley


Gin Necklace

Tatty Devine Gilbert and George Gin Necklace

Tatty Devine’s celebrated Gilbert and George Gin necklace is perfect for the gin-lover in your life.

$45.00 from The Gin Queen
Gin brooch

Tatty Devine Gilbert & George Gin Brooch

The obvious benefit of the Tatty Devine Gilbert and George gin brooch is that it will assist those around your mum to easily identify her tipple of choice. Handy!

$15 from The Gin Queen


Ralph Lauren Preston Cocktail shaker

Gin Gifts for Mum

This cocktail shaker would make a stylish addition to any home bar!

$169 from David Jones

Silver Monkey Straw 

Gin Gifts for Mum

Sip in style with this cheeky monkey sterling silver straw from Tiffany. Super indulgent, but so gorgeous!

$705 Tiffany.com

Waterford Crystal Martini Glasses

Gin Gifts for Mum

You can’t go wrong with glassware as a gift and while I enjoy scouring flea markets and op shops for mine, there is something wonderful about splashing out on divine martini glasses.

Marquis Crosby Barware Martini Pair $140 (pair), from David Jones


Patient Wolf Gin

Gin Gifts for Mum


Melbourne’s newest gin is made in the heart of Brunswick on a gorgeous Muller still. Featuring Tonka bean as one of the botanicals, this is a tasty drop that mum will love!

$ 700ml $89.99 from Nicks Wine Merchants

Red Hen Gin


Gin Gifts for Mum

Red Hen Gin comes from the heart of Adelaide (the CBD!) and recently took our Gold in the Australian Distilled Spirits Awards AND Champion Small Batch Spirit.

$79.95  (700ml)from Red Hen Gin


Gin Gifts for Mum

Lubin Gin Fizz

Created in honour of Grace Kelly’s extraordinary beauty, and named after the cocktail inspired by the “American bars of Paris”, Gin Fizz is a fresh and flowery chypre with lemony top notes over an aldehyde and musky base.
$269.00 AUD (Eau de Toilette 100ml, available at David Jones)


All of the products listed above have been chosen by me because I think your mums would love them and not because I’m been paid to promote them. With the exception of items marked * which are affiliate links. You are not charged extra, but I receive a small commission on sales.

Celebration Competition

Celebration Competition!

I passed a little social media milestone this week and I have 10,000 reasons to be happy 🙂

To celebrate I’ve created a little competition where you could win one of 3 Gin and Tonic Packs. The packs are:

  • Star of Bombay Gin with Strangelove Light and Dirty Tonic


  • Hendricks Gin HotHouse gift set with Strangelove Light and Dirty Tonic


  • Poltergeist Unfiltered Gin with Strangelove Light and Dirty Tonic


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